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What is Marine Corps Gaming

The mission of Marine Corps Gaming is to connect all Marines who share the fighting spirit and passion for gaming and esports. Both online and offline, MCG represents a community of Marines bound by camaraderie, fueled by competition, and connected by gaming.

As gaming continues to grow, so does the need to organize and identify the community of Marine gamers among our ranks. Whether competing against each other to build camaraderie or against the other service branches to breed competition, the Marines need a platform of their own created by their own within the world of gaming.

Why was Marine Corps Gaming founded

Who can join Marine Corps Gaming

Regardless of rank, role, duty station or familiarity with gaming and esports, all active-duty and SMCR/AR Marines are welcome to join MCG to connect and compete with fellow Marines from around the world.

Why join Marine Corps Gaming

Marine Corps Gaming is the only gaming community forged by and for active-duty Marines to compete at the highest levels of competitive gaming and esports on behalf of our community and our Corps.

Is Marine Corps Gaming officially endorsed

Marine Corps Gaming is a grassroots effort led by Marines of all ranks across various commands who share a passion for competitive gaming and esports. While MCG may work directly with installation and recruiting commands to participate in sponsored events, our community is not officially endorsed by any one command. We consider ourselves free agents in the wide world of gaming as our participation in MCG is on a volunteer basis and outside of our regular duties as Marines.

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